THREE SISTERS TOUR, from June 20, 2013 to June 28, 2013



This includes our detailed prophecy and explanation regarding the 70 foot high tsunami that will soon devastate Portland, Oregon.





 Matthew Stephen just got back from the West Coast Three Sisters Tour. In some parts of the tour it was very fruitful and others parts it was not so fruitful, meaning that some of the meetings were spiritually dead and there was no life in many of the people. Yet we had some good meetings. I shared the dream I had with many. The Dream of the Portland Tsunami: I had a more full vision of the Tsunami. In the dream we went to the ocean highway leading to Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River. From Portland. I saw a Tsunami come from the Ocean all the way in to Portland, OR. It came in and arrived at Portland, OR at about 70 ft. high wiping out everything in its path. People by the thousands died. Everything was under water. That is the dream in a nut shell.

We went to Portland area and  measure the elevations of the area, the airport tower is about 55 ft. high and it would be under water from the Columbia River. The distance to the first bluff through downtown Portland is about five miles and from there everything would be under water including Killingsworth Road. This Tsunami would go for about 100 miles from the coast to just past Portland. The Columbia River would spread out to be about four miles to ten miles wide wiping out tens of thousands of buildings and homes along with the loss of life into the many thousands. On June 28, 2013 we measured the area of this prophesied Tsunami in Portland against the areas surrounding Portland. We drove towards the Airport and then drove down the River road. Stopped right in front of me were two vehicles. One was Fox News 12 and the other was FM Radio 101. They were pulled over and I spoke with both of them warning them that this Tsunami was coming very soon.

We went to speak at a house meeting in Camas, WA and three sisters were there. Two other sisters were there who both had identical dreams of incoming tsunamis to the Portland area just days prior to our arrival. This was a confirmation to me of the dream.

The Portland tsunami will spread out to the North as far as I-84 on the East Side of Portland and it will fill most of downtown Portland with 5 meters or more of water to the bluff region to the North that includes Hillside and Forest Park. This is a huge area. This is not even considering that the ocean front communities of Seaside, Warrenton and Astoria, home to more than 30,000 souls, will be obliterated.

We also visited two volcanoes: Three Sisters in Oregon and Mount Ranier in Washington, by the command of the Lord. Matthew had received word from the Lord to strike the Three Sisters Volcano with the staves. Stephen had received a vision in which the Lord told him that we were to both strike Mount Ranier and to command that it is to wake up. The Three Sisters Volcano has been sleeping for a thousand years. Mount Ranier has been asleep for 131 years. Both will now awaken suddenly and violently. There were many confirmations throughout our journey that these volcanoes will now awaken by the word of the Lord, but our immediate concern is with a very serious tsunami for the Portland area that by all indications of the Holy Spirit is directly at hand and could happen in a very, very short time: even weeks and months. We did everything within our power to try to warn these Portland believers in Jesus Christ, but almost all of them are under the impression that they have quite a bit more time and that the situation is not as bad or immediate as we presented. Their blood is not on our hands. We have done all we could to warn them, to speak the whole counsel of God to them and to plead with them to turn fully to Jesus Christ and cast down their idols.

We drove out of the Portland area on the morning of June 29, 2013 and began to strike Mount Ranier at 1:17 pm that afternoon. The Pacific leg of the tour is now complete and all prophesied events for that area have been called in and commanded to come forth by the apostles and prophets. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Matthew Stephen     


AMERICA FOUND WANTING: What will be in store for America and the nations? A Series of major events will take place. We must understand that there is appointed times and seasons every year. These appointed times are based on Papa’s time clocks. He has many time clocks, in the time of prophetic fulfillment. Unless you understand that and search the scriptures you will really never fully understand what Papa has planned. Some of the appointed times are based on feast days, and the laws of God; we see this example in the book of Daniel 7:25 where satan tries to change set times and laws. Other examples are everywhere in the Bible: Daniel 8:19 Appointed times; Daniel 9:2 “I Daniel, in the first year…understood by the books, the number of years specified by the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet;” Daniel 10:1,11:29 the time appointed. Daniel Chapters7-12 More scripture on times appointed: Ex.9:5; Ezk.4:5-6; Jer.5:24; Hab.2:3; Acts 17:31. The word appointed appears in the bible more than 130 times. So, as we see these appointed times for prophetic fulfillment in the book of Revelations, and many other books in the bible, we not only see years, but months, days and hours. Some of the times in a year are set by prophetic time clocks in the heavens and there are parallel time clocks in the heavens. You must search deep in the hidden mystery of the ancient paths of old; an example is found in Jeremiah 6:16 - 17 This is what Lord says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, we will not walk in it. I appointed watchman over you and said listen to the sound of the trumpet! But you said we will not”. Another scripture is found in Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and hidden mysteries, unsearchable things you do not know”. The hidden things found in the ancient paths of the bible, caught by the Holy Spirit; this is the only way to see. Ask the Holy Spirit, for it is written. I hope that this gives you some deeper insight to the appointed times; not just the feasts or just the Hebrew roots; it is deeper beyond that, although that holds a part of this picture. Concerning the appointed times and prophetic time clocks; there are times in the year the Lord has shown as, times of divine calls and commissions. The months He has shown me are June – July and September – October. During these months also come supernatural events sent by a supernatural God; some disasters and some blessings. VMI Matthew Stephen

THE CLOCKS: VISION OF THE CLOCKS - WAR, FEAR, FAMINE, PLAGUES, DEATH. I saw a huge cloud wall in the heavens and on this wall were many time clocks. As I watched, I saw a huge arm appear out of the cloud. As this arm reached over and turned on one of the clocks, the stock markets of the world took a dive. Then another clock was turned on and I saw a deployment of U.S. Troops. When they arrived I saw the arm reach over and stop the clock and I heard a voice say, “There will be a delay for a time”. Then a number appeared on the face of the cloud that read 6-8. The voice then said, “When I start this clock again there will be many people who will lose their lives; your sons and daughters will die by the sword. On the face of this cloud appeared many clocks with the words, WAR, FEAR, FAMINE, PLAGUES, and DEATH. As this blood is shed it will be a type of what is in store for the land of America in the coming days. “Tell my people to repent and prepare; tell them to get ready and go into the places where I am preparing. That which is coming will shake the earth like never before. Those who repent and take heed will be saved”. The vision of His powerful presence ended. I prayed and ask the Lord what this was all about? The vision troubled me and I grew weak as I tremble before the Lord. He said, “I will tell in part; pride of the nations, pride of man and the fall is coming. America has been weighed and found unfaithful and the days are numbered. Just as man’s number is 6, his days are numbered to a time set for completion and judgment.” VMI Matthew Stephen (1997)

His Servant,   June 2013
Matthew Stephen   VMI

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